Hot, humid climates inflict a tremendous amount of wear and tear on buildings. The caustic environment in coastal areas such as Florida breaks down the coils and framework in traditional HVAC units, decreasing their life expectancy. Moisture works its way in and does its damage from within, resulting in mold, mildew and IAQ issues. It is not long before even the newest buildings begin showing their age if the facility is not properly maintained.

When buildings start breaking down, owners pay a price - not just for repairs, but for the inefficiency of their air conditioning systems through higher utility costs. In many cases, owners of brand-new buildings find themselves saddled with equipment failing prematurely. Which is why low first cost equipment is not always the best path for an owner to take in considering the options for their systems.

At Cortez, we understand how building systems work, and how to turn your inefficient, expensive air conditioning system into a cost-effective climate control system.

We are experts in:

  • Long term efficient options for equipment
  • Comfort conditioning
  • Process cooling
  • Systems analysis
  • Retrofits
  • System change outs

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