Today's large-scale HVAC systems are highly complex. They can make adjustments based on time of day, interior temperatures, exterior temperatures – and they can even make these adjustments on a room-by-room basis.

But these adjustments are only as good as the controls that guide them. In order to maximize your return on your HVAC investment, you'll want to include the most technologically advanced controls available in the marketplace.

At Cortez, our experience in HVAC control systems allows us to recommend or customize a system specifically for your building. We've designed and installed control systems for countless large-scale commercial and industrial clients, and we can do the same for you. At Cortez we also specialize in the upgrade and renovation of existing Legacy systems to an Open Protocol, Non-Proprietary Control system, capable of converting an entire facility to new technology for a fraction of the price of retrofitting an older system.

From chiller plants/CEP’s, retail customers, Healthcare, to entire commercial facilities, Cortez is your choice for your DDC Controls offerings.

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