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Cortez Standards

Introducing: Code of Integrity and Technical Proficiency

6 Standards To Protect You From
Faulty Workmanship And Contractor Fraud

You have probably dealt with contractors who show up late and have to be called back to fix the same problem again and again. While these are the most common frustrations cited in a recent survey, there are others. To save you from the frustration of entering into a relationship with a contractor, hoping to get the service you deserve, we have established 6 standards that we suggest you hold your contractor to, whether us or one of our competitors. We invite you to review the following standards and keep them in mind as you interview contractors. Don't settle for less! You don't have to because Cortez is just a phone call away.

Cortez Standard #1

Get it Right the First Time!

REAL SIMPLE.  If we don't fix it right the1st time, the service call is FREE.  Not just the return call, BOTH CALLS!
How can we make such a strong guarantee?

Make sure that they fix the problem right the 1st time or give you the call for Free.

Customers have grown used to calling the contractor back after the a service call to fix the same problem. Don't accept that level of service. A company that does commercial work must have technicians that are trained to fix any problem right the first time.

Cortez Standard #2

Choose the one with Know-How!

  • Cortez handles residential and commercial service work.
  • Lead technicians and managers are certified by NATE, the industries governing body, and all apprentices will be before they finish training.
  • The services managers are working leaders, who regularly are on-site to inspect quality.  Technicians have on-site access to a complete service history of your equipment via our Web based management and customer service system.
  • Cortez is also a licensed engineering firm, with 6 engineers on staff.  Cortez acts as an HVAC design consultant to The Home Depot

Don't settle for technicians who aren't competent to fix the problem (and no subcontractors)

The service technician must be able to quickly and accurately diagnose the situation and have the skill to fix it right the first time.  If they don't you can get stuck in a painful loop of call-backs and extra expense.

Cortez Standard #3

On Time or Free

If we miss our scheduled service time, you don't pay.  How do we do this?

  • Technicians must maintain a 99% on time rate for 3 years.
  • The technician must arrive within 2 hours of the service requested.
  • 99.73% of our service calls have been on time over the past 12 months.
  • We have wireless data & voice communication with all technicians.
  • The dispatch system automatically messages the service manager with any schedule problems.
  • Maintenance work orders are automatically generated and scheduled. Technicians are strategically located all over Florida.
  • You, as the customer, can view the entire process from dispatch through completion at our web portal.

Make sure they are on time or you don't pay.

Don't accept excuses.  If they can't get there on time, shop around.  A company with highly trained technicians, equipped with modern management and scheduling technology can get there on time.

Cortez Standard #4

Check the Books

  • We bill scheduled repairs by the job, not by the hour.  Any on the job training is our burden, not yours.
  • We measure our technician's performance against budget..
  • We offer flexible pricing, from pay us when it breaks to full maintenance.

Insist in Detailed Service Logs & Timely, Legible Billing.

Billing by the hour rather than by the job is common in the industry and it leaves you exposed.  You should not pay extra because of an inexperienced technician.

Cortez Standard #5

Cost Control

We have invested $250,000 in a state-of-the-art management and customer system that:

  • Offers you instant access to work order, job status & account information through a web portal.
  • Generates immediate easy to read invoices & inspection reports.  You get your invoice by fax, e-mail or mail the day we finish the job.
  • Monthly statements for account reconciliation.

Make sure they control costs.

Cortez Standard #6

Integrity is the Key

  • We provide industry specific references with phone numbers.
  • We are an active member of ASHRAE, and state and local air conditioning associations.
  • The owner serves on the ASHRAE maintenance standards committee.
  • The owner and other employees serve on a pro bono basis as instructors and mentors at regional trade schools.

Check Their Reputation

Unfortunately, there were over 1.1 million complaints and lawsuits against contractors last year and the HVAC industry was not immune.  A reputable company will:

  • Have industry references.
  • Be a member in good standing of industry trade groups.
  • Be an active contributor in increasing industry standards of ethics and competency.