A reliable HVAC system can mean more than just a comfortable interior climate. Sometimes it's a mission-critical part of an organization's operations.

What happens if the AC goes offline in the phone company's data center – where the computers handling 911 calls are stored? Or in a large retirement facility – in the middle of August?

Servers can overheat. Vital systems can be taken offline. In a worst-case scenario, people could get hurt.

Not every company can handle the demands of industrial HVAC accounts. But Cortez has the people, technical experience and resources to do better than just handle it – we excel in it.

Our industrial team employs come of the most highly trained field personnel in the business, who learned the trade in the best schools possible: the factory training of manufacturers like Carrier, Trane, McQuay, and Johnson/York. And our technicians are constantly updating their skills with the most current technical training out there. In short, we have the best in the industry working for Cortez, which mean you, the customer, benefits in using our expertise.

Our roster of current customers includes hospitals, correctional facilities, federal, state and county governments, school boards, phone companies, factories, large office buildings, hotels – even the U.S. Post Office. Cortez technicians are strategically located throughout our service area, so they can be at your facility when you need us.

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