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Hot, humid climates inflict a lot of wear and tear on buildings. The hot sun constantly beats down on rooftops and windows. Moisture works its way in and does its damage from within. It's not long before even the newest buildings begin showing their age.

When buildings start breaking down, owners pay a price - not just for repairs, but for the inefficiency of their air conditioning systems. In many cases, owners of brand-new buildings find themselves saddled with underpowered and ineffective systems – because the lowest-price contractor who won the bid decided to skimp a bit on the HVAC.

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At Cortez, we understand how building systems work, and we know how to turn your inefficient, expensive air conditioning system into a cost-effective climate control system.

We're experts in:

  • Comfort conditioning
  • Process cooling
  • Systems analysis
  • Retrofit
  • Rooftop changeouts

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South East United States; Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina.