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Today's large-scale HVAC systems are highly complex. They can make adjustments based on time of day, interior temperatures, exterior temperatures – and they can even make these adjustments on a room-by-room basis.

But these adjustments are only as good as the controls that guide them. In order to maximize your return on your HVAC investment, you'll want to include up-to-date controls.

At Cortez, we have deep experience in HVAC control systems and can recommend or customize a system specifically for your building. We've designed and installed control systems for countless large-scale commercial and industrial clients, and we can do the same for you.

Retail controls

When it comes to control systems for retail and big-box stores, it's tough to beat a Novar product. Our long history with Novar systems includes installation, retrofit and service projects, throughout the US and the Caribbean. Cortez has helped countless big-box retailers set up their control systems and develop effective energy management programs.

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Industrial controls

From chillers to VAV systems, cooling towers to VFD pumping control systems, Cortez has the knowledge, skills and experience to overcome whatever HVAC challenges your facility may face. Whether you're looking for a complete turnkey project from installation to commissioning, or a complete front end control system – including custom graphic design, energy monitoring and scheduling needs to maximize energy efficiency – we've got it covered.

Our technicians never stop learning about the latest technologies that the industrial marketplace demands, and their impressive list of certifications proves it.

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